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Department of Otolaryngology, Head and Neck Surgery

Contact information: main telephone: +48 41 367 4336, +48 41 367 4293
Clinic: +48 41 367 4650

Head of the Department: Sławomir Okła, MD, PhD, otorhinolaryngologist 

Deputy Head:

Nursing Coordinator:

The Otolaryngology, Head and Neck Surgery Department comprises:

  • Hospital Unit with 26 beds,
  • Clinic of Otolaryngology with Endoscopy Unit and operating room,
  • Clinic of Dental, Oral and Maxillo-facial Surgery,
  • Speech Therapy Clinic

We specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of head and neck cancers.

Our services include:

- a full range of highly specialized procedures in the field of otolaryngology, head and neck surgery (including laser surgery, microsurgical operations of larynx, endoscopic and functional operations of the paranasal sinuses using electromagnetic intraoperative navigation), excluding reconstructive ear surgery and vascular tumors surgery,

- a full range of diagnostic procedures and oncological surgical treatment with particular emphasis on cancers of the larynx, hypopharynx, oral cavity and oropharynx as well as maxillofacial neoplasms (nasal cavity and paranasal sinuses) - using both endoscopic techniques and open surgeries,

- salivary glands surgery using routine monitoring of the facial nerve,

- reconstructive surgery using free and pedunculated skin grafts (with preserved patient’s own blood vessels) and distant pedicled skin-muscle patches for the treatment of advanced cancers of the head and neck area requiring extensive surgical resections (amputation surgery),

- surgical treatment of head and neck skin cancers,

- treatment of post-traumatic changes in the field of maxillofacial surgery,

- a full range of services in the field of dental surgery,

- voice prostheses implantations with effective rehabilitation of voice and speech in patients after total laryngectomy,

- services of the outpatient clinic: diagnostics, consultation and the so-called "small procedures" in otolaryngology, head and neck surgery as well as dental and maxillo-facial surgery.

Our clinic is the leader on the Polish and European markets in terms of surgical voice and speech rehabilitation in patients after total laryngectomy. We are the only center in Poland where voice prosthesis is implanted during a single stage operation in all patients requiring radical laryngectomy (50-60 implantations annually and approximately 400 replacements of voice prosthesis). Our patients begin to learn to speak as early as 12 days after surgery and leave the hospital after only 2-3 days of learning. The treatment allows them to return to normal activity speaking with their own, slightly hoarse voice. The implantation of voice prostheses started in 2001, before the NHF (National Health Fund) began refunding the procedure (at present the NFZ does not refund voice prosthesis implantation performed during a total laryngectomy). Since 2001, we have performed more than 640 such procedures at our cost – for the patient the treatment is free.

We cooperate with the Clinic of Oncology and Head and Neck Surgery of the Netherlands Cancer Institute in Amsterdam.

We conduct research on:

- the use of voice prostheses in the rehabilitation of patients after laryngectomy. We conduct training in this field for professionals from all over the country and abroad,

- optimizing the treatment of salivary glands tumors,

- optimizing the treatment of metastatic lymph nodes of the head and neck region,

- combination therapy of floor of the mouth cancer,

- development of endoscopic surgery of skull base tumors.