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Department of Urology

Stefan Olszewski, MD, PhD Department of Urology 
Head of the Department: Jarosław Jaksulski, MD, fellow of the EBU, urologist, voivodeship consultant in urology 

Contact: +48 41 367 4774, +48 41 367 4122

The Department comprises: 

  • Urology Unit 
  • Urology Clinic 

We offer a full range of urological services. We carry out all procedures in the field of urologic oncology as well as treatments of  non-cancerous diseases. Routine procedures are performed using open laparoscopy and retroperitoneoscopic surgery including: 
laparoscopic radical prostatectomy (removal of the prostte), 
laparoscopic (or retroperitoneoscopic) partial resection of the renal parenchyma due to a tumor,
laparoscopic cystectomy (removal of the bladder).
We produce all the ways of urinary diversion in patients after radical resection of the bladder, including the replacement of intestinal blisters. We use minimally-invasive procedures replacing the classic open surgeries for the treatment of urolithiasis (using rigid, semi-rigid and flexible endoscopes), PCNL procedures (percutaneous crushing of kidney stones), endoscopic treatment of superficial cancer of the urinary tract, congenital or acquired abnormalities of the urinary tract (e.g. cutting ureteral stenosis), benign prostatic hyperplasia, stress urinary incontinence in women, neurogenic bladder with the use of botulinum toxin.
The Urology Clinic (rooms nos. 131-135 in the main hospital building) is a modern consultancy - treatment complex with two operating rooms and a urodynamic laboratory. A one-day urologic department provides procedures which include, among others: core biopsies of the prostate, urethrocystoscopy (endoscopic examination of the lower urinary tract - the urethra and bladder) percutaneous puncture the kidney.
We also conduct intravesical therapy for non-invasive bladder tumors with chemotherapy (Mitomycin) and immunotherapy (BCG). The Clinic also provides care for patients with a urostomy. We closely cooperate with the Laboratory of Urological Physiotherapy of the Holy Cross Cancer Centre. The Clinic is supported exclusively by physicians working in the Department of Urology.
The Department is equipped with: 
Modern endoscopic and laparoscopic instruments (Olympus), bipolar LigaSure system for vessel sealing, harmonic knife, water knife, Argon Plasma Coagulation (APC), holmium laser, 3 BK ultrasound machines by means of which we diagnose diseases of the urogenital system, perform percutaneous renal fistula and transrectal prostate biopsies; X-ray apparatus - C-arm (Ziehm) for diagnosis (intravenous pyelogram, cystography, urethrography) and percutaneous or endoscopic procedures, urinary flow meter.
The Department regularly organizes laparoscopic and endoscopic workshops for urologists and urology students. The Department is a full-profile diagnostic, therapeutic and educational entre authorized to conduct postgraduate training in the field of urology and obtaining specialization in the field of urology. The Department of Urology of the Holy Cross Cancer Centre collaborates with the Clinic of Urology, School of Medicine of the Jagiellonian University. 
Department’s researcher workers: Professor Piotr Chłosta, Fellow of the EBU, surgeon, urologist.