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Operating Suite

Head: Ireneusz Marczewski, MD, anesthesiology and critical care specialist

Coordinator: Joanna Rycombel, MSc in nursing, specialist in nursing oncology

The Operating Suite of the Holy Cross Cancer Centre has 7 air-conditioned operating rooms with laminar flow, a system for monitoring the course of anesthesia coupled with a Critical Care surveillance system and a post-anesthesia care unit. In each operating room there are computer stations connected to the Centre’s computer system and a camera system integrated with the operating lamps giving the possibility of surveillance, broadcasting and recording the course of surgery. The modern spatial layout enables the distribution of clean and dirty transport routes and effective contact with the Central Sterilization of the hospital. The latest surgical and anesthesia equipment allows us to perform surgical procedures in the field of:

  • surgery,
  • thoracic surgery,
  • gynecology,
  • head and neck surgery,
  • urology,
  • interventional radiology,
  • and panendoscopy in conditions that meet the highest European standards.

The Operating Suite contains, among others:

  • operating tables with removable tops,
  • laparoscopes,
  • surgical microscope,
  • argon beamers for diathermy,
  • "JET" twin-stream respirator,
  • water knife,
  • LigaSure hemostatic equipment,
  • Thunderbeat and harmonic knife (operators can benefit from modern disposable staplers),
  • Cool-Tip apparatus for the tumor ablation and thermoresection to treat liver cancer,
  • Gamma Functional Navigator which allows to perform surgical procedures using radioactive tracer for:
  • reoperations in thyroid cancer,
  • lymph node metastasis,
  • determination of sentinel node in breast cancer or melanoma,
  • search for metastatic neuroendocrine tumors.

We also have one of the most modern equipment for diagnosis and treatment of changes in the sinuses and nose (FESS), including SHAVER and Hydrodebrider. Within the Operating Suite there is a post-anesthesia care unit with six fully monitored anesthesia positions of supervision and a training room with multimedia equipment.