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Department of Gynecology

Head of the Department: Marcin Misiek, MD, obstetrics, gynecology, and gynecologic oncology specialist.

Contact: +48 41 367 4358

The Department of Gynecology offers diagnostics and surgical treatment of tumors of the female genital tract. We also offer diagnosis and treatment of non-malignant diseases and the early precancerous lesions of the female genital tract using modern techniques of laser therapy, gynecological laparoscopy and endoscopy.

In cooperation with the Department of Chemotherapy, Radiotherapy and Pathology and using modern laboratory facilities of the Holy Cross Cancer Centre, we offer a complete diagnosis and combination treatment of cancers of the female genital tract. The Department of Gynecology has been an accredited centre for specialized training in the field of gynecological oncology and has offered internships in obstetrics and gynecology.

For the past three years numerous courses on laparoscopic techniques of cancer treatment have been conducted at the Centre’s operating theater.

In 2015 the Department of Gynecology was incorporated into the Central and Eastern European Gynecologic Oncology Group (CEEGOG) and the European Network of Individualized Treatment in Endometrial Cancer (ENITEC)). Among the centers cooperating with the Department of Gynecology are the School of Medicine, University of St Andrews, UK, Department of Molecular and Translational Oncology, Institute of Oncology in Warsaw. Doctors at the Department of Gynecology are active members of the Polish and international scientific societies (Polish Society of Gynecological Oncology, European Society of Gynecological Oncology).