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Department of Rehabilitation

Head of the Department: Anna Opuchlik, MD, PhD, functional rehabilitation specialist

Contact: +48 41 367 4168

Research staff: Biskup Małgorzata, PhD in Physical Culture, junior assistant

The Department of Rehabilitation comprises:

Individual and team kinesiotherapy unit,

Kinesiotherapy, manual therapy and therapeutic massage surgeries;

Physiotherapy and hydrotherapy surgeries;

Orthopedic Supply Unit.

Services rendered:

  • Outpatient physiotherapy and rehabilitation at the Day Care Centre,
  • Individual rehabilitation of patients treated for complications after oncological surgeries (lymphedema, impaired scars mobility, contractures of joints and muscles, pain, numbness, walking lessons, urinary incontinence, etc.), as well as other dysfunctions of the musculoskeletal system using specialist methods such as:
  • Complex Decongestive Physical Therapy - manual lymphatic drainage, skin care, compression and decongestive exercises,
  • PNF - Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation,
  • The McKenzie method, Cyriax manual therapy and the German school method,
  • Levit soft-tissue techniques in locomotor dysfunctions,
  • Kinesiology Taping,
  • Craniosacral therapy,
  • biofeedback and electrostimulation of pelvic floor muscles in men and women,
  • classical and segmental therapeutic massage.

At the individual and team kinesiotherapy unit we conduct general gymnastics for patients after mastectomy whereas at the physiotherapy surgeries we focus on physical procedures in the field of phototherapy, electrotherapy, laser therapy, local cryotherapy, ultrasound, magneto and shortwave diathermy. The hydrotherapy surgery offers whirlpool massage of upper and lower limbs as well as vibration massage.

We also offer physiotherapy procedures for patients treated on an inpatient basis in clinical departments of the Holy Cross Cancer Centre, involving the activation of patients as well as education and prevention measures. Each patient before improving their motor skills undergoes a physiotherapy examination – the assessment of functional mobility in accordance with a treatment card and depending on the method of treatment. We also offer consultations with specialists in medical rehabilitation.

The Orthopedic Supply Unit offers a selection of aids for orthopedic patients after mastectomy and suffering from lymphedema.

Additionally, scientific research is conducted at the Department of Rehabilitation. In 1998 we initiated the first research project on the introduction to the then inaccessible in Poland Complex Decongestive Physical Therapy. Our center was the precursor of this globally recognized method used in the treatment of secondary dysfunction of the lymphatic system. It is today a standard method of conservative treatment of lymphedema in our patients. The results obtained in clinical trials were presented in numerous publications and during scientific conferences. A detailed list of our research and scientific publications is available in the Science Section. In 2005, the Department of Rehabilitation was accredited to conduct specialist courses in the field of physiotherapy. We run courses for physiotherapists accredited by the Polish Society of Physiotherapy on: "Manual lymphatic drainage with the elements of compression", "Rehabilitation after mastectomy," as well as courses focusing on the McKenzie method.