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Department of Tumor Markers

Head of the Department: Anna Słusznia, MD, PhD, specialist in laboratory medical immunology.

Contact: +48 41 367 4184

The department comprises:

Laboratory of tumor markers

Laboratory of Hormones I

Laboratory of Hormones II

Laboratory of Radioimmunodiagnostics

Laboratory of Hepatitis Diagnostics

Laboratory of Immunofluorescence

Laboratory of Material Preparation

Main Office:

We conduct the following tests and examinations: tumor markers, hormones, antigens, antibodies, allergens.

Diagnosis of diseases

- cancer (tumor markers),

- endocrine diseases (thyroid hormones, sex hormones, adrenal and others),

- autoimmune diseases (ANA, ANCA, antithyroid antibodies, diagnosis of celiac disease and others)

- diagnosis of anemia (ferritin, B12, active B12, folic acid),

- diagnosis of hepatitis and HIV

- allergy quantitative tests (pediatric, inhalation, atopic, food, etc.).

We have a modern measuring equipment and qualified personnel, which ensures high reliability of the tests performed. The Department operates a laboratory information system e-Lab connected to the hospital information network CliniNET. There is a possibility of conducting commercial tests.

We perform daily laboratory quality control tests. We participate in interlaboratory quality control programs: since 1999 the RIQAS program run by Randox (immunochemical panel) Labquality (diagnosis of hepatitis and hormones), Euroimmun (antibodies) and controls carried out by the Center for Research Quality in Laboratory Diagnostics in Lodz.

We participate in clinical programs and research projects conducted in the Holy Cross Cancer Centre. We also cooperate with the Jan Kochanowski University. Our current research projects include: determination of Interleukin 25 in cooperation with Malgorzata Czarny – Działak, MD, PhD.