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For 26 years Holy Cross Cancer Centre in Kielce has been utilising its experience and modern interdisciplinary approach to patients. The hospital’s mission is to offer patients and their families comprehensive help in battling cancer. Our patients receive comprehensive in – patient, day and out – patient oncology care, starting from diagnosis, through treatment to rehabilitation and psychological counseling.



Department of Thoracic Surgery

Head of the Department: Paweł Rybojad, Habilitated Doctor, thoracic surgery specialist

Contact: +48 41 367 4338

The Department comprises:

Thoracic Surgery Unit,
Thoracic Surgery Clinic,
Spirometry Laboratory.

The Department offers 16 beds in The clinic has 16 beds in single, double, triple and quad rooms as well as its own - and his own fully monitored recovery room. We offer diagnosis and surgical treatment of respiratory system, mediastinum and esophagus cancers. Diagnostics include:


Department of Physical Methods

Head of the department: Dariusz Banaś, PhD

Contact: +48 41 362 73 68

The Department of Physical Methods of the Holy Cross Cancer Centre performs routine tests:

- in cooperation with the Department of Laboratory Diagnostics of the Holy Cross Cancer Centre: measurements of trace elements in human biological material (serum, urine, hair, cancer tissue) in patients with various medical conditions,


Department of Clinical Microbiology

Head of the Department: Bonita Durnaś, MD, PhD, microbiologist

Contact: +48 41 367 4710, +48 41 367 4712

Our department offers performs the diagnosis of bacterial and fungal infections and participates in the control of hospital infections. Samples collected from patients are examined for the presence of aerobic, anaerobic bacteria and fungi. We identify microorganisms by means of traditional methods (breeding, latex testing) and automatically using VITEK (Bio-Merieux) instrument.

Antibiogram includes:


Department of Tumor Markers

Head of the Department: Anna Słusznia, MD, PhD, specialist in laboratory medical immunology.

Contact: +48 41 367 4184

The department comprises:

Laboratory of tumor markers

Laboratory of Hormones I

Laboratory of Hormones II

Laboratory of Radioimmunodiagnostics

Laboratory of Hepatitis Diagnostics

Laboratory of Immunofluorescence

Laboratory of Material Preparation

Main Office:

We conduct the following tests and examinations: tumor markers, hormones, antigens, antibodies, allergens.

Diagnosis of diseases



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